• masterstowholeness


When a seed is planted, it does not quietly become a flower. That seed must be cracked open in order to receive all it needs to grow. - It's violent, graceful, and exquisite to behold. Time is so critical to its awakening. The process is slow and tedious, filled with potential peril and hope for what will become. - Each step in its transformation is required, necessary, and achingly beautiful. As color fills the forming petals, a new identity takes shape. - As its blossom opens to reveal its magnificence, the world catches its breath in awe of its brilliance.

- Your growth will bring pain and discomfort, but you will bloom in wonder after all you've been through. Embrace this journey, revel in it, feel through it. - Soon it will be over and the seeds you release will start your growth again. Each ending will create a new beginning. - Each new beginning will transform you anew. Don't resist it. Lean in.


Be satisfied, appreciative, and at rest in this moment not because you've survived the storms of life, but because you are laying in the blooms of the seeds you planted while it poured.

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