This Master’s level course is designed to align with nature as our University. With the 5 Elements and Seasons as our powerful guide, students will learn to align with the infinite wisdom of each season as they begin to transform the fragments of their life and soul back to wholeness. 


This course prepares students to become the Masters of their own lives through deep listening and connection to their highest self, planting seeds of growth, connecting with and learning from their soul tribe, acknowledging the unique gifts each brings to the whole while learning to let go of  trauma, old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve. Students will complete the cycle of each season inspired with the knowledge of where their deepest passion intersects with the world’s greatest hunger. 

We each go through the respective seasons throughout our lives, each year, and each day.  You may feel you are in a certain season right now or ready to move forward and work into a new chapter.  The Masters to Wholeness Program offers you the opportunity to go through the full 5 seasons or to choose the season that most resonates with you at this time in your life.


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