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2020 Retreats

Asheville, NC

Welcome Souls!

We know that you have found Master's to Wholeness because there is a deep stirring within you to reconnect with yourself.  We know you are waking up.  We know you are starting to see with new eyes and wondering how to continue walking in this new light. 

Nature is calling you back to stillness, to your inner voice.  Master's to Wholeness is here to guide you to the healing roots of nature, to reconnect with her elements, to remember your internal wisdom and innate knowing, to create a solid foundation of lifelong practices.  It's time.  You're Ready.  Welcome to Master's to Wholeness.

In Love,

Your guides,

Amy, Bebe, Gina, and Paul

"What I was taken by and touched by is that each of them (guides) was so loving and generous of spirit and heart..."

May - Winter Attendee


jan 9-13th


Emotion:  Fear

Element:  Water

Winter is about deep resting, going within, and learning to listen.

Learn your bodies alert system and how to truly feel calm in your nervous system.

Experience deep stillness in a hibermation exercise.

Understand how the thoughts of fear block your wholeness


april 16-20th


Emotion:  Anger

Element:  Wood

Spring is about creativity, vision, and birthing the new into being.

Learn the divine feminine and divine masculine balance to support your energy and truth.

Experience the birthing process for who you are and what you are ready to bring to the world.

Draw into the vision of your soul with clarity and knowing.


June 25-29th


Emotion: Joy

Element: Fire

Summer is about lightness of being and co-creating relationships.

Learn your bodies wiring for social engagement and healthy vs toxic connections.

Experience the heat of fire and smoke as it expands your energy into the collective.

Develop your personal promise to show up in your truth and allness in all aspects of your life.

Late Summer

Aug 27-31st


Emotion: Sympathy

Element: Earth

Late Summer is about abundance, nourishment, and manifestation.

Learn how to shift into resilience and strength to support your souls work.

Experience the grounding and rooting alchemy of a shamanic journey. 

Learn to be the observer of your life and the external to change perspective.


Nov 19-23rd

Let Go

Emotion:  Grief

Element:  Metal

Fall is about letting go, feeling grief, gratitude and inspiration


Learn to feel the density of the body and where you are holding emotion.


Experience the release of grief through the vibration of drumming and the freedom of dance.

 Learn to let go of what clouds the mind and the practice of deep gratitude to spark inspiration and wholeness.

What You'll Experience

Our Venue


Our beautiful venue is the Bend of Ivy Lodge cradled by the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. A charming renovated 1950 tobacco barn with international theme, it offers a zen, artistic and interesting design.


  • Labyrinth, camping sites, herb and sensory gardens, boulder seat circle.

  • Eco-friendly, environmental focus: Restored barn with solar panels, permaculture land practice.

  • Fire pits, meandering trails, wading river, koi pond, curious goats.

  • Space to immerse ourselves and truly experience the beauty of nature and it's cycles

Visit bendofivylodge.com for more details!

Farm to Table Meals
Delicious, nourishing, organic, farm to table meals provided by Blessed2Cook personal
Chef Dava Melton.  Dava cooks from a space of love and nurturing providing beautiful and mouth-watering meals that will both energize your body and soothe your soul.  The act of
sharing a meal made from the heart provides an opportunity for us to connect with one
another and ourselves.  
Class Schedule
Each Session begins at 7pm Thursday and ends 11am Monday
2020 Class schedule: 
Jan 9-13
April 16-20
June 25-29
Aug 27-31
Nov 19-23

Applying For this Program

$500 Deposit to Reserve Your Spot

  • Each Season is all inclusive covering tuition, room, and all meals.

  • Balance of $1499 due the 1st of the month of the session attending

           **Space is limited to 20 spots to allow us to maintain the intimacy of this deep work**

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