The Path Back to You

This Master’s level course is designed with Nature as our Universe”ity.”  You will learn to align with the infinite powerful wisdom of each season as you begin to transform the fragments of your life and soul back to Wholeness.  Each season provides the path to remembering YOUR true Nature and the unique presence your life serves on this Earth.  Nature teaches us to beautifully balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within.  Walk full circle through each season connecting with your Divine Nature guiding YOU to becoming the Master of your own life!  Join us for the whole year or for the season that resonates with you and begin your journey to wholeness.

Winter Jan 9-13, 2020


Encourages stillness, deep listening and connection to   your highest self.  Uncover the origin of your fears, release them and heal. 

Spring April 16-20, 2020


Supports a clear vision of the future and planting seeds for it to grow.  Release underlying anger that’s been holding you back. 

Summer June 25-29, 2020


Promises connecting with your deepest passion and joy as well as your Soul tribe.  Discover what brings you deep joy and meaning. 

Late Summer Aug 27-31, 2020


Ushers in the acknowledgement of your unique gifts and contribution to the world.  Claim your Divine purpose, know why you are here and how you are meant to serve others.

Fall Nov 19-23, 2020


Supports letting go of trauma, old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve.  Bringing you full circle to Wholeness and the inspiration to step boldly out in the world.  


It's time.  2020 is a year of great transformation and change.  Allow it to be the year you return to yourself, reconnect with your light, and master wholeness.


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